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    A great mobile design and animation experience with Klamr.to
    In June 2011 we received an email from Thảo Nguyên, Director of HR & Business Operations at Skunkworks.vn (now Klamr.to), looking for a design partner to join their location-based mobile social network project. We were a bit surprised because Skunkworks is a US company based in South Vietnam, and they chose us, a Northern company to participate in the production of their main product.

    At that time we were so busy with other projects that we could not fly to HCMC to meet up with Skunkworks, so Thao Nguyen and Quynh Anh (Project Manager at the time) flew to Hanoi to meet us. The friendly meeting took place in an outdoor tea shop/trà chanh (The ladies recommended it because they love this culture in Hanoi).  After a discussion we all agreed to work and exchange information online. This method worked out really well because we were responsive, professional, and we were able to deliver everything we promised to Skunkworks.

    We have never done mobile UI design before. But that challenge has brought a lot of new inspiration for our team. With prior UX experience and the ability to learn new skills and knowledge quickly by our designers, it did not take long for us to be right on track. In addition to that, the  trust and support from Skunkworks (cool guys like Tien Nguyen and Hieu Hua, etc.) helped us a lot when we had problem implementing the designs.

    In 3 months we completed our part and Skunkworks brought it in-house for their full development cycle. With a lot of design concepts and revisions, we have helped Skunkworks to decide what’s best for their application UI.

    We were very impressed with the environment full of talented people like Skunkworks, and always hoped for the opportunity to work with them again. And we did not have to wait for too long. Shortly after we finished with the UI design project, we received an email from Spenser (Head of Marketing), wanting us to produce a 2D animation clip for Skunkworks marketing campaigns. With the cool experience from our last participation,we are glad to be part of their team again. And there we started one of our most favorite animation project with Skunkworks’s excellent script. The process was pretty smooth with the enthusiasm and the ability to generalize ideas from Spenser, and the product was really cool! (you can view the completed video here).

    We want to wish Skunkworks all the best with their cool product. And we will always be ready for any opportunities to partner with Skunkworks and those who work there in the future!

    Thảo Nguyên
    Director of HR & Business Operations
    “We approached CGVietnam because we love their website and the projects they’ve worked on. Their designs are clean, simple, modern. Quite frankly that has been hard to find in Vietnam. Plus, Tuan Anh and Quang are absolute professionals and easy to work with, even though we were both on opposite ends of the country!”
    Spenser Norrish
    Head of Marketing
    “CGVietnam was a dream to work with; they nailed the art style immediately and delivered rapid prototypes on demand.”
    From the far reaches of Southeast Asia, comes something awesome!
    Website: skunkworks.vn
    Easily make plans and connect with friends on your smartphone.
    Website: klamr.to
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    CGVietnam offers a rare combination of technical skill and efficiency, timely delivery to deadline, as well as elegant, diverse, and imaginative graphic design that has been well-proven for our company over last projects.
    We met Bao Le (TVN’s CEO) when he first came back to Vietnam from the U.S. As a friend-referred client, Bao was more like a friend to us than a customer, we hang out a lot. Through our conversations we knew that Bao left behind many opportunities to follow his own dream – creating a unique network for teaching/learning English.
    Inspired by the devotion, efforts to build a social learning network for Vietnamese, and above all, the sincerity of Bao when he came to us, we have agreed to join him in the TVN project, despite the low budget and tigh schedules. We were responsible for the social networking website design, company website design, and other marketing related materials. Because of the tigh deadlines, we met up with TVN on-site every week for direct client input and faster design revision delivery. The process worked quite tense, with occasional disagreements occur between the two parties. But with Bao’s good management skill and ability to listen, plus suggestions from our experience, we have quickly overcome the disagreement to come out with good designs in such limited time.
    TVN is still in its development process, so we do not have too much to say about this project. But that’s not important, what we want to say here that in addition to the cooperation in the work, we always want to find partners who respect the value of their and our efforts. We know this relationship will be very solid, though we can do together this project or not, because we and Bao have a good understanding of each other’s capabilities. And much more than that, Bao has become our good friend. We value it more than the business we done with him.
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    When it comes to creating websites, CGVietnam cannot be surpassed. Because of their talent, our on-line business has increased dramatically. Now that technology has consumed the information age you cannot be a successful business without having website gurus like CGVietnam supporting your business. We are fortunate to have a company like CGVietnam standing behind us.
    From Norway
    Tran Lysan, Transreiser’s CEO – “service with a smile.” Known each other since 2007, has worked together over many projects, to 2010, we are fortunate to be invited to work Tran Lysan two months and worked at the headquarters Transreiser in Horten, Norway. In that period has given us a lot of fun. In a civilized country and the most secure in the world, wonderful nature and climate is not pollution, it seems that creative capacity and our inspiration is always filled. Not only have jobs, Lysan and we also travel through other countries like Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Germany,… thus we have the opportunity to learn more about how the two companies, above all, it’s love and respect between individuals within the organization for each other. Some time later, Lysan question we want to help expand the market in Norway by agreeing to represent us. An offer very attractive and hard to deny, because Lysan knowledge on human and Norway markets. That’s great for what we are driven to CGVietnam.
    From Germany
    CGVietnam established in December 2006 and the first ads was published online in the same month. A week later, the first customer contacted us from Germany, Sascha with a very small orders, but at the time it was really meaningful to us, it gave us a lot confident in a brighter future. Follow the motto we have set out to establish CGVietnam, we completed the project with good quality and delivery. The positive feedback from Sascha was the first bricks laid the foundation for the later steps of us. Over several successful collaborative projects, Sascha referred us a few more customers. Especially we want to mention Frank – Pinsationen.de. We have been working together on some really interesting projects together including pinsationen.de website and waldernadel.com.