A funny and action-packed animation music video is on the way
Posted by Annie on February 17, 2011 in Company News
This month we are taking on a very cool project: a music video clip for a US rock band, in animation!
“First we were a bit nervous”, says our lead artist Quangstorm, “we’ve never done a music videoclip in animation before and this was a fresh experience to us. But then with the smooth project execution by Anh, we’ve got things all lined-up. We’ve now got our heads 100% in the game”. It’s true that a music MC is quite different from a traditional animation short movie. You have to blend what lie behind the music
and lyrics with the animation ideas without mistranslation of the song. But as we started off with the script writing, the anxiety was quickly replaced by the excitement from the animation team. The script was filled with cool ideas as always and we received really positive feedbacks from our client.
Quangstorm is leading the animation team to the production phase and we will continue to update about this exciting project. Stay tuned!